Reciting wazifas on the prescribed time


1. If a wazifa is started before the day ends and during the wazifa the day ends, then is that day still counted or does it become a missed day and thus nullified? Like I have started a wazifa a few minutes before Maghrib and then it became Maghrib time and have done another tasbih after Maghrib, but will these two tasbeehs which were done before and after Maghrib still count or not, or will just one of them count because Islamically the day ends at Maghrib and a new day begins. Both of these tasbeehs were separate but counted as a single wazifa. Also, can a Wazifa be done within the 24 hour time we follow or do we have to follow the Islamic time? Like if I do a wazifa on Wednesday, then does it need to be done before Maghrib time which will be Thursday night Islamically? Because for the time we follow, it wouldn’t be considered Thursday until midnight.

2. Also, if I do a wazifa for 40 days by doing it for 40 nights, but If I miss one night or if I want to change the timing for the day time, then can I do it in the day time of that day? And if I do it for 40 days during the day time, can I change it for the night time of the next night? I hope you understand what I mean.



1. Insha-Allah. Those wazeefahs that are prescribed in the hadeeth should be done as prescribed. Do it exactly at the time the hadeeth has instructed.

2. Yes, if it is something optional, you can do in this way as well.

And Allah Ta`ala knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)