Consulting with one’s elders with regards to nikaah

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Q: I am suffering from depression. I wanted to marry a boy from a different culture to mine and his family rejected based on culture. This has ruined my mentality on everything. Islam is about being united and if we have chosen someone suitable to marry based on character it should be allowed. Now I feel like this world is only based on people marrying in each others culture, I hate that mentality and I don’t like my own culture. I am a very simple girl and would prefer to follow Islam. My brother who is also a Mufti. I thought he could help me with other situations which I am going through and he broke my trust and I cannot trust him or anyone in my family. My family don’t listen and don’t understand me. I pray and cry in my dua’s everyday for Allah to help me. I pray the Qur’an every night and listen to it in the morning. I feel like everything is just becoming worse. Too many problems in one go. I think about death everyday and pray to Allah that I don’t want to be in this world anymore and I have learnt that we shouldn’t be doing things like that. I want to stop feeling like this but people and situations around me do not help and I feel angry and depressed all the time. I was wondering if there is any duas for depression that will help me?


A: Consult your parents and elders in these matters. Islam does not advocate independence in these types of issues. You should be discussing with your elders, and he should be discussing with his elder.

Read your namaaz regularly and read 20 durood after every namaaz.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)