Wearing one’s kurta above the ankles

Q: My question is regarding the garment lengths (kurtha in specific). It’s not a question of right or wrong because I am fully aware that anything below the ankles is impermissible. However, the longer kurtha’s that are in stores such as Daffa and Aseel (these kurtha’s are popular and peoples 1st choice in common), its hard to get the perfect size. I am not sure if its just me or everyone, but if you get a perfect length above your ankles, then the shoulders become tight and the sleeves are too short. The reason I buy aseel or daffa is a matter of preference style without showing off and boasting, just like how someone else in Pakistan would prefer the shawaal khamees or the short length kurtha’s. So in my case mufti saab, what can I do and I know alternatives but then again going back to matter of preference and choice. When i’m standing yes I admit, I became aware that the Kurta length just about touched the floor, so I have another which is 2 sizes smaller which just about touches my shoe. To get it hemmed will take time (which I don’t mind), but until I find a solution, must I not wear these kurtha’s? Because my serious intention moving forward is to identify these finer details which seem small to they eye but the impact I know can be damaging to my Deen or any bodies who disregards such issues and labels them as small issues. Due to my laziness, I left this for too long.


A: Why involve yourself in trouble. Abstain from these kurtas until you find someone who can hem the kurtas and bring it to the right length.

The namaaz are valid. However, you should make isitghfaar.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)