Talking to a girl before marriage

Q: I’m in a real difficult situation moulana and I have no idea what to do. I’m interested in a girl for marriage and waiting to go propose. So she read istikharah namaaz last week whether she is ready for marriage or not and it came out negative. So today she made me aware that there has been really bad sihr done on her and according to one moulana she has more then one jinn in her and its a male and the jinn is in love with her. I was aware of this about 18 months ago but I thought she got it sorted out and ever since then she has been trying all treatments to resolve this issue of sihr. So she went to see another moulana this passed weekend from the Ruqya institute. So he says its even worse then before the sihr and the jinn. And whatever treatments she was doing before made it worse. So he gave her some water he read on she must drink, another water she must bath with and olive oil must rub on herself.  Also he gave her something to burn and she must inhale its fragrance i think. According to the moulana and his treatment she should be back to normal by january 2015 and that what she is experiencing is one of the worst cases he is dealing with for a female. Also her treament includes going for cupping after every 2 weeks.Also she says she really feels possessed inside her. That the once she was making wudhu and it felt like someone was pulling her back. Also when sheread quraan or listens to quraan she begins to cry, her heart rate increases and she can’t focus. She sometimes feels like wen she reading 4 rakaats salaah towards the end of the salaah she feels like sleeping. She also feels like she don’t have the urge to fulfil her desires or like when she thinks about her sexual desires etc it does not make her feel the urge to satisfy those desires. She also says she don’t get her haidh on time. I really don’t know what to do. I really like her but with all this she going through I really don’t know if I should go and propose for her and get married. As this sihr has been troubling her for 18 months now and what if it troubles her for the rest of her life and the Jinn thats troubling her does not leave her alone. What if she does not get cured from this sickness and she does not become the same person she used to be. And if we get married then it might affect me also mentally and I might not feel that my desires are being satisfied. Any advice you can give me please? I’m really emotional as I really admire her not just for her beauty but because of her character and knowledge of deen. And if she does get cured will she be the same person she used to be before all this sihr and Jinn started to trouble her? Finally mufti saab is it possible that her isthikarah namaaz she read could be because this Jinn that’s in love with her (according to the Moulana) is the reason why her Istikharah whether she is ready for marriage came out negative?


A: It is not right for you people to communicate in this manner. The right procedure is that she must talk to her parents and elders, not directly to you.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)