Buying a car in Muscat

Q: I have 2 questions and please give me a satisfactory answer:

  1. I am a teacher in Muscat and I need a car. I can’t pay full price so decided to go to bank meethaq which is an Islamic bank as I don’t want to pay interest. The car is of 9000 rials and they will finance up to 80% of the amount and I will pay 20% of it as  down payment. 20% of 9000 is 1800. So we have 7200 left and they lease it for 5 years but if I calculate the instalment, its 120 rial but they told me that it will be 140 rial and said that its the devaluation 3.3% we are charging which is allowed in Islam and is murabaha in Islam. So please tell me is it halaal or haraam?
  2. I went to honda motors and they said that they have car of 9000 rials. I will pay 10% and the rest they will pay and they charge interest but its like buying furniture on instalments. They say that its profit for them. So please clear my doubts and need a quick reply



  1. If they are selling to you their share of the vehicle they could sell it to you at the price they wish provided it is commonly agreed by both transacting parties.
  2. We have not understood how it exactly works.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

قال البيع ينعقد بالإيجاب والقبول إذا كانا بلفظي الماضي مثل أن يقول أحدهما بعث والآخر اشتريت لأن البيع إنشاء تصرف والإنشاء يعرف بالشرع والموضوع للإخبار قد استعمل فيه فينعقد به ولا ينعقد بلفظين أحدهما لفظ المستقبل والآخر لفظ الماضي بخلاف النكاح وقد مر الفرق هناك وقوله رضيت بكذا أو أعطيتك بكذا أو خذه بكذا في معنى قوله بعت واشتريت لأنه يؤدي معناه والمعنى هو المعتبر في هذه العقود ولهذا ينعقد بالتعاطي في النفيس والخسيس وهو الصحيح لتحقق المراضاة (هداية 3/18)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)