Body Talk and Reiki

The following is the answer to a query received from an individual regarding a fatwa of permissibility that was earlier issued regarding several psychological healing processes for trauma cases etc. with some similarity to Body Talk and Reiki etc.


A: It appears that this questionnaire had been sent to several Darul Iftas and the questionnaire that was posed to one was not the same that was sent to the other. In the light of what we had initially received we had issued a fatwa. However, after examining some of the questions sent by the same person, we have reviewed the entire situation and thus retract from our original stance.

We feel that this therapy could prove to be dangerous to the imaan of many an unwary person, for some of the procedures that have been shown speak of Allah Ta`ala, the ambiyaa and malaa’ikah etc. In applying this type of a therapy, perhaps one’s fundamental beliefs and one’s reverence for the ambiyaa and respect for the Ka`bah, Multazam etc. will gradually weaken and decrease. Our greater concern is that – na`oozubillah, May Allah Ta`ala forbid – people may treat Islam, the malaa’ikah and other fundamentals of deen lightly and as fairy tales.

Furthermore, when looking at this art we also understand that at some point it has some connotation with Hindu cults like yogism, reiki etc. It is obvious that when an individual is drawing from these sources we cannot guarantee to what level he can go down to, for the person who is desperate looks for anything to on to to get out of the quagmire of destruction.

Hence, we oppose this method and we urge Muslims to refrain from these types of treatments.

Furthermore, the mashaayikh and ulama who prescribe spiritual remedial programs are very knowledgeable and understand the parameters and limits, and generally they are in control of the situation. They would know what methods need to be employed and to what extent it needs to be applied. It is a known fact that even the mashaayikh of the past perceived certain dangers in some of their prescriptions which they then totally abandoned for similar reasons.

It is like a surgeon who is operating on a patient. One cannot compare him to an unqualified person. He knows the limits and parameters, and he also understands what needs to be done in the case of an emergency.

Hence, we have made this abundantly clear that we no longer condone this practice. We strongly oppose it and urge Muslims as well that they should not risk their imaan and other sensitive aspects of faith for physical and mental relief.

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)