Fluid discharge

Q: I pray that you can respond to my questions on purity, so that I may feel comfort in knowing what to do in my case. It’s difficult because I don’t have immediate access to people of knowledge. 

I am generally healthy, and don’t suffer from incontinence of any sort (Praise Allah), but I frequently get build-up of prostatic fluid through the day that comes out intermittently! Is this normal for men? If I don’t clear the passage by milking the penis regularly, then I fear something will eventually come out! For me, how it will come out is by it slowly sliding out of the meatus (only when there is a lot of it usually), not like a droplet sitting at the tip or anything, that only happens rarely.  How I know this, is by feeling the lip of the tip, which sticks out a bit due to movement or when the meatus mouth may become moist due to heat or something making its way out. It’s the side of this lip that I feel which is slightly sticky sometimes. I can look down and think I see nothing, but sometimes this annoying fluid settles beneath the surface and accumulates before fractions of the stuff begin to slide out.  If I just look at the tip, then I see a shiny bit surrounding the opening. Sometimes this shininess is extra shiny, and I don’t know if that is due to this sticky fluid drying on it or if this is due to heat or sweat. If this stuff dries on the tip, generally speaking it is hard to notice.

I also have this terrible habit of inspecting the channel of the penis by putting my finger in it and moving it around to determine if the area is dry, but most of the stuff will definitely come out!  This only makes me certain that I don’t even have to look down there and check; I just assume this stuff has come out, as it seems to be my body’s habit to expel this fluid and it is most likely to be the case.

It’s hard for me to check my underwear all the time. This liquid is clear and discreet. It comes out very subtly, so it is hard to detect. If one were to have a flow of this stuff exiting due to say sexual arousement, then because of the amount one would see this great amount on his underwear, if his penis made contact with it.

1. When they say that one has to be certain that something has come out of his penis, then does this mean by certainty we have to clearly see a fluid at
the tip or just emerging in droplet form?

2. Because of this build up, I can’t be sure if a fraction of it or even just a tiny droplet has come out when I’m having a shower? I think to myself perhaps something has come out; how can I be sure when in the shower or drying myself off? I worry about it mixing with the water on my body which then gets transferred to my towel. Is my towel pure?

3. Should I do wudu for every prayer to be on the safe side and put some barrier between the penis tip and my underwear between the prayers?



1. You may adopt whichever way your mind feels clear.

2. What you are not certain and clear about you are not responsible for that.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

المعاني الناقضة للوضوء كل ما يخرج من السبيلين لقوله تعالى أو جاء أحد منكم من الغائط وقيل لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ما الحدث قال ما يخرج من السبيلين وكلمة ما عامة فتتناول المعتاد وغيره والدم والقيح إذا خرجا من البدن فتجاوزا إلى موضع يلحقه حكم التطهير والقي ملء الفم (الهداية 1/ 22)

Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)