A question on 3 talaqs in Anger

Q: In 2012 I went to Pakistan to marry this person, who lives in Pakistan and is already married. I was to become his second wife. I did like him. As he is a very good person from heart. And he prays salah 5 times a day. Recited Qur’an and he loves his father sister and brother. He is a very good person. Now I did niqaah and came back to London. He misses me a lot and due to the distance problem we always get in fights. I can’t help it. But I need to arrange lots of paperwork to bring him over. He wants me to come to Pakistan but I can’t go because of my work and other things. I am planning to go and meet him again in December. As I to miss him. He loves me more then I love him. But I know he is a good match for me. But that day 28 June 2013 we were in this fight and not talking for weeks. I was upset and I decided to talk to him on the phone. I phoned him and he cut of my call. I tried again and again. But day before I emailed him to ask what he wants to do? Leave me or what because I don’t want to live like this. He never replied. So when I was calling him and he was extremely busy with his clients business meeting, I didn’t know that. He then texted me and said he was busy and he can not attend my call. And if I want divorce. He will send divorce with in one week. He used the words “ek week main ap ko farig kar du ga”. I got so angry so angry that I was shocked. I never asked for divorce. He was under this misunderstanding that I was looking for talaaq and that’s why I was calling him. I said. If you want to give talaaq why wait one week? I said just give it right here right now. He then wrote “Main Allah ko hazir nazir jaan kar ap ko talaq deta hu talaq deta hu talaq deta hu”.

Next day he said that he was angry and upset also he had this partner in business who did cheat on him and they had to resolve this problem. And then my fight with him was also going on for weeks. He could not think straight and he thought I wanted talaq. He was aware of the situation but his anger was so intense that the anger made him say these words, so he said it. As he assumed I wanted it. He is still with his first wife. He never mentioned my name when he gave me talaq. But obviously he sent the text to me. We both are suni muslims. He then explained all this to a mufti in Pakistan and he told him that it is talaq but only one talaq. Not three. So we are not divorced. But as I love my Allah dearly and my heart is still not really believing this. I don’t know why. So I told him I want second opinion he said yes do that. We both are upset about this situation. But I don’t want to do haram even if I want to stay with him. If talaq has taken place I will of course never see or talk to him again because he will be haram for me than. 


A: The three talaaqs are valid.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

عن عائشة رضي الله عنها أن رجلا طلق امرأته ثلاثا فتزوجت فسئل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أتحل للأول؟ قال عليه السلام : لا ، حتى يذوق عسيلتها كما ذاق الأول ( صحيح البخاري 2/791)

وذهب جمهور الصحابة والتابعين ومن بعدهم من أئمة المسلمين إلى أنه يقع ثلاث قال في الفتح بعد سوق الأحاديث الدالة عليه وهذا يعارض ما تقدم وأما إمضاء عمر الثلاث عليهم مع عدم مخالفة الصحابة له وعلمه بأنها كانت واحدة فلا يمكن إلا وقد اطلعوا في الزمان المتأخر على وجود ناسخ أو لعلمهم بانتهاء الحكم لذلك لعلمهم وقول بعض الحنابلة توفي رسول الله عن مائة ألف عين رأته فهل صح لكم عنهم أو عن عشر عشر عشرهم القول بوقوع الثلاث باطل أما أولا فإجماعهم ظاهر لأنه لم ينقل عن أحد منهم أنه خالف عمر حين أمضى الثلاث ولا يلزم في نقل الحكم الإجماعي عن مائة ألف تسمية كل في مجلد كبير لحكم واحد على أنه إجماع سكوتي وأما ثانيا فالعبرة في نقل الإجماع نقل ما عن المجتهدين والمائة ألف لا يبلغ عدة المجتهدين الفقهاء منهم أكثر من عشرين كالخلفاء والعبادلة وزيد بن ثابت ومعاذ بن جبل وأنس وأبي هريرة والباقون يرجعون إليهم ويستفتون منهم وقد ثبت النقل عن أكثرهم صريحا بإيقاع الثلاث ولم يظهر لهم مخالف فماذا بعد الحق إلا الضلال (رد الحتار 3/233)

الكتابة ممن نآي كالخطاب ممن دني (قواعد فقه ص 100 و شرح سير الكبير )

والمجوز في حق الغائب العجز (هداية ج4 ص705 )

و الكتابة ممن نآي كالخطاب ممن دني (هداية ج4 ص 705 )

Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)