Husband forcing the wife to stay with in-laws in India while he works in Dubai

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Q: I got married to my husband 3 1/2 years back. On the day of my Walima I told my husband to take me to his village where he has his house and all his family members are staying. My husband had divorced his first wife hence he said he cannot take me as nobody will be happy and I cannot face my family members because recently I had divorced. Since then I refused to stay with my in laws because it hurt my feelings and I also had to face many questions from my own family as to why my husband is not taking me to his village. I settled with him in Dubai and in order to financially help my husband I started working because he could not afford to keep me with him in Dubai. After 1 1/2 year of our marriage I delivered a bay girl. Since she was too small I had to bring my mother with me. I never forced my husband to pay the expenses either for my daughter or my mother. Since myself and my mother both took care of my daughter my husband started to avoid his responsibilities. He is very fond of playing cricket and whole nights on weekends he plays cricket. His friends and relatives in Dubai are bachelors and I do not allow them to enter our house. He gets frustrated and starts fighting with me. Am I wrong on this? Things became wors during the past one year and I left my home with my mother and daughter to my home country India. Even after that my husband use to fight with me and stopped talking to me for 15 days. After waiting for 15 days I came back to Dubai and found that my house is all messed up as his friends and relatives were staying with him. He Slapped me and asked me why did I came. When I checked his laptop there were all nude photographs and dirty video clippings. We had big arguments and he threatened me with divorce and his family is supporting him in all this. In order to manage things I asked him to forgive me for all the arguments. He always says that he cannot afford to keep me with him and he wants me to go to his village and stay with his family and he shall stay in Dubai. In all this situation as per Shariah can I tell my husband that I cannot stay with his family. I really care for him and want him to leave all the bad companions and fulfill his responsibility. I always want to stay with him but the price that I will have pay to stay with him is work and share his responsibility and put my baby into babysitting because he doesn’t want my mother to stay with us. As per Shariah do I have the right not to stay with my in laws in such situation?


A: Since you do not have complete privacy it is not compulsory for you to live with your in-laws under this circumstance.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)