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Q: I like a girl very much and i am of marriable age. I told my parents about her and they went ahead and visited the girl’s house. When i asked my dad if he liked the girl he said he didnt like her but if i persist with this girl he doesn’t have a problem and will accept her whole heartedly. My dad has taken this talk forward and it is in the final stages but since this topic has started my dad has almost stopped talking to me. I stay far away from my town because of my job, i try calling my dad multiple times a day he doesn’t receive any calls from me. If somehow i get to talk to my dad through my mom he doesn’t show any interest in talking to me. I have asked my dad if he is upset or angry on me because of the decision i took he says “No I am not angry on you”. I never knew that this would be my dad’s reaction after my decision since at the starting itself he said he will accept any decision happily otherwise i wouldn’t even have think about this girl ever again. I don’t even know if his reaction is due to this decision or because of something else. I tried talking to my mom as well she says that i should keep calling my dad someday he will pick it up. I asked my mom if she can talk to dad and ask what exactly is the reason but even she says that dad isn’t angry but i can get to know that there is definitely something wrong. I dont want to keep my dad angry or upset because of me, please tell me how can i solve the issue when my dad isn’t talking to me at all ? What do i do when i know he is upset but keeps saying he isnt? Is there any specific dua or wazifa by which can help me in this matter?


A: Look for ways to please him.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

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