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Q: My mom had an affair…please help…I belong to a pretty religious family…We family members love eachother alot…we have heart to heart connection…but we are facing money problems from alot of time as my father dont undrstand about my mother’s and his daughters daily needs. My mom starting borrowing money from people.. I agree my father is irresponsible towards our financial needs but he is a very good father and husband.. He loves my mom alot and he doesn’t have any bad habbits…but he doesn’t give her enough of money and he mistreated her verbally..he doesn’t give her enough money because we have alot of financial problems .. my mom and dad have suffered alot…my mom strived hard to be a good wife but the situation became worst when we had no money and she had to borrow money from a man…whom she loved before marriage…as time passed she started texting and meeting him and they fell in love again…she now loves him alott…The relationship might be sexual too…but my mom is very religious and cries alot during namaz and loves my father too..but i just cant accept that my mom is having this kind of relationship with someone..It makes me cry everytime..It feels so bad to see her doing all this harram stuff…my heart breaks…I am not able to tolerate it anymore…my father trust’s her alot…but she doesn’t find enough of love in him…So she started falling for that man again…I don’t know how to face all this anymore..if I ask her, all she says is that he is her friend…and the thing is I cant even force her or tell her about it..because she loves that man alot and she might even try to harm herself if something happens as she has suffered alot about this money problem, debts and all….What should I do?


A: Explain the haraam to your mother and ask her to immediately break up the relationship, otherwise the whole home can turn into a disaster.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

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