Seeing yellow discharge on the last days of haidh

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1. After reading several questions on your site regarding haidh, I learned that yellow discharge on the last days of haidh would be considered haidh. Before, I was completely unaware of this, and since the yellow discharge during the last days of haidh looks exactly like the discharge I get in normal days, I used to take a shower and start performing salaahs while having yellow discharge. So sometimes I would take a shower and start salaahs while experiencing this discharge, and when discharge would stop, I would keep performing salaah without taking a shower again. Do I have to repeat such saalahs?

2. Since performing salaah without wudhoo is kufr, and although I did perform wudhoo but failed to shower after yellow discharge, would my salaah fall under this kufr category?

3. Someone questioned how often we should check our discharge during the last days of haidh, since we want to know the exact time we are paak so we can start performing salaahs. In response to this, another person said that if during the last days of haidh, if someone has haidh in the morning, then she will be considered to have haidh the whole day. Is this true, or do we have to keep checking after every few hours?

4. During the last days of haidh, in the mornings there is no discharge at all, sometimes even for a few hours after waking up. My habit is that usually on the seventh day I am paak. This time, I checked at night on the seventh day, and I still had some discharge. I was afraid that I might get paak later at night and miss my Fajr saalah of the eighth day, so I set an alarm for about 3:40 AM. But since after sleeping I don’t experience any discharge during the last days, at 3:40 AM when I checked I was clean, so I took a shower and prayed Isha and then later Fajr. Later that day I checked and I still had a faint colored discharge. This process continued the next day: In the morning after sleeping, I was clean, but later in the day I was not. In such cases during the last days of haidh, should I continue taking a shower in the morning and praying, despite knowing that after sleeping I see no discharge and later in the day I might?


A: 1. Yes. Where you are clear that you have been performing namaaz in this state then you should repeat that namaaz.

2. This was an accident, hence it is not kufr.

3. This is incorrect. You should keep checking since the haidh can stop at any time.

4. You should follow your previous routine. Make ghusl according to your previous routine.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)