Marital Problems

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Q: I work in qatar and I dont have family status to bring my wife and kids. I just got opportunity to work abroad. My brother works in dubai and stays with his wife and kids. My sisters husband recently got opportunity in saudi without family status. So my sister stays with my parents. Sisters husband also trying for family visa due to situtation, but his company not giving him and he is trying utmost level. Once he gets it he’ll take my sister to saudi.

My wife was staying with my family members and after my sister comes home, my wife is upset due to my parents giving more importance to my sisters kids. Because of this my wife fought with me and now she is in her mothers house.

After continuous quarells with me, my brother got to know she had daily quarel with me, so brother called and shout her. So my wife got very angry and she informed to her parents and fight went beyond. Everyone knows in our society, how innocent my parents are, just because of they give importance to daughter kids, my wife got jealous due to this. She feels my parents doesnt care to take care my kids and they take care to my sister kids like that she feels.

We stay in rent house my things and brother things are in same rent house. In my house we have one big room and 1 small. big room my sister and parents sleep and small room me, my wife and kids. I knows its difficult to stay in small room due to small room, my wife fight daily with me to shift the house. During that time my finance was weak. Now al hamdhulilah i am earning good.

Now my wife wants separate rent house with my parents, she put the condition my brother things should not come, because my brother shouted her. My brother sasural family is from hyderabad, so we cannot send back their things, my parents will feel bad and brother sasural also feel bad if we send back their things. If we see two rents house, its difficult to manage to my parents, now they are old. My brother stay in abroad. I told my wife, please dont break brother bond, my parents cant take care two rent house and its difficult to maintain. But my wife is not ready to accept for this and she daily fights with me same. If i say my parents they feel very sad for this. Please advice me what step to be taken.


A: Let her stay by her mother’s place.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)