Doubting the existence of a creator

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Q: I recently decided to start praying again and become more religious, but I’ve been getting tons of doubts (astagfirullah) about the existence of Allah. Whenever I try pondering about the signs of Allah, more questions come up, and more doubts arise. I just cannot fathom how Allah exists without nobody to create him (which makes no sense). I also do not feel connection with Allah in my salah as I God forbid am losing believe in the existence of a creator. I’m trying my best to look up facts and signs and read the Quran and so far it’s been to no avail. But I’m not quitting praying and reading Quran no matter what as I hope this is a phase that will go away. But it’s been troubling me a lot and I just wish it would go away. And whenever I am in salah my brain is telling me to pretend there is a God even though there isn’t…blah blah and I keep fighting myself to convince myself there is a God in my salah rather than to believe in God and just enjoy my salah with my creator. I think I’m losing my mind but I just want to focus on believing again. Also, I’m confused as to how all other planets exist and what is their purpose if Allah created us to worship him? Why are they there? Is there no alternate explanation? I really want to believe in Allah and the messenger and not doubt at all. I have a hard time typing this question as I do not want to gain sin by typing out my doubts. God forgive me. If nothing else works, please make dua for me and other’s like me who are trying to find their faith through conviction again. Salam.


A: Just as there is a beginning of existence there is an end. Not believing in an end is illogical and against reasoning. Hence, the end of all things is Allah Ta`ala. Believing in infinity is illogical and not in keeping with correct reasoning.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)