Irregular bleeding

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Q: Please advise on haiz dates below

MAY 2016

– normal as previous months

– 8 days Haiz

– around 21 clean days

JUNE 2016

– Haiz 7 – 17th = 10 days

– thereafter on 12th clean day starting bleeding.

  Took 12th -15th as Istihaaza /clean days

JULY 2016

– after the 15 days – took 2nd – 10th as Haiz = 8 days.

– therafter 15 clean days

Current after exactly 15 clean days

Day 1 – 1 brown discharge only (asr 26 July)

Day 2 – 1 brown discharge only  (27 July)

Day 4 – very small brown noticed. (30 July)

Thereafter 7 clean days

Today 6th Aug – starting brown bleeding again. (This is the 11th day after the 15 clean days )

Please advise which days to take as Haiz and which are istihaaza.


A: Since your last habit for haidh was 8 days and for tuhr 21 days, you will calculate your haidh in the following manner for June:

First 8 days of bleeding will be haidh

The following 21 days will be counted as tuhr/istihaadhah

The next 4 days will be counted as haidh

Thereafter you experienced a full tuhr of exactly 15 days

The next 8 days from the brown discharge onwards will be regarded as haidh

The following 21 days will then be counted as tuhr/istihaadhah.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)

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