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Q: I have a question regarding end of women period. I have doubts if I am doing it right. In October, in the middle of my cycle, lets say during days one week after my period and one or two weeks before my next period I had once yellow-white discharges, only one day and only once as far as I remember. May be I had more times, but I think only that particular day I had them. In November I think I had no discharges and in December I had cold and some infection from dirty hands (because I am checking all the time if I have discharges or not before salah) and discharges related to it. Now, how do I treat end of my period in January? January is finishing but please answer me anyway for me to understand the ruling. So I have a few questions that I kindly ask you to answer me because I usually have doubts whether or not I determine end of my period correctly:

1. If during my normal days I have normal discharges ONLY one day do I consider my period to end as soon as after reddish discharges I see discharge of the same color as the discharge I had that day during my normal days? Or one day of normal discharges isn’t enough and it must be more than one day for applying this ruling? I can explain why I ask it. Usually when my period finishes I have all kind of discharges. First its red, then its dark brown, then its light reddish but not always, then its light yellow (as during normal days sometimes) and then white. And this last white discharge can be for example on day 7 or 8, then with pauza be there on day 9, or in the fajr time of day 8 and then isha time of day 8. Sometimes this white discharge appears and that’s it, I don’t see it anymore. So its really different for me and I have all kind of colors. But the thing that I noticed is that usually these discharges are coming like a package (even though last white discharge can repeat with pauzas) and for a few days after the period I don’t see them anymore. I can, as I said above have some white yellow discharges in the middle of the cycle or close to the period, like two weeks before or a week (it happens differently), sometimes I don’t have them I think (I am not sure anymore). Could you please let me know how to determine end of my period in my situation? I think we have to divide the question in 3 cases: 1. If I have some discharges during normal days (but then does it matter how many days after the period and how many days before the period? Because close to period the discharges seen are usually the preparation of the period to start as I think)?

2. When suddenly one month or two (please answer in both cases, for 1 month and for 2 month) I have no discharges. Will be ruling on how to determine the end of my period different in this case? Like waiting all 10 days for all discharges to finish etc?

3. When one month I had discharges during normal days, then next month I had cold and discharges related to cold and basically couldn’t see if I had normal discharges during that month, what will be the ruling to determine end of my period here?

4. What if all this time I was making mistake on how to determine end of my period and was waiting 10 days for nothing, but not deliberately, do I have to redo salahs I missed during those days? These are real cases for me, please don’t put aside this email or please don’t answer me in general answer, I really require a full knowledge here because I don’t know how to behave everytime my period finishes and if salah can be done as kaza then during Ramadan its become more difficult to understand should I fast or not. Please take as much time as needed for you and reply me when you can, but please reply to all my questions detailed. May Allah reward you in both worlds, ameen.


A: From the last haidh to the following haidh if during the interval of fifteen days any bleeding was experienced you will count it as istihaadhah irrespective of the colour.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)