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Q: Four months ago I got a business proposal from my ex boss who had asked me to become a minor partner in his new venture. Its a software compnay. The business proposal sounded promising and exciting. But since my ex boss is a Non-Muslim it caused a concerned with me. I did Isthikhara and everything looked fine. I was given much more shares of partnership than what i would have asked for without me asking for it. I took this as a positive sign of Isthikhara. I did a bit of research and asked everyone around and everyone seemed to like the idea. I was supposed to bring business and he was supposed to deliver the projects Now as business has started coming in (much lesser than what we had predicted) however he is falling short of his words and is not able to deliver as promised. He keeps telling he is working on it but there seems to be a lack of interest on his part. There seems to be a great potential for the business but his lack of interest and response has made it difficult for me as i am dependent on him for delivering the projects. I left my job for this venture and now I am stuck having no idea where to go. I prayed Isthikhara whether i should continue this business ( As of now i have no other option. I would have to search for a job) and felt good and felt like to go with it. My ex boss again made promises and said this time he is 100% sure about it. However 2-3 weeks down the line he has again failed to keep up with it stating that he is already working much more than expected.But he is not able to deliver what he had promised. I feel like telling him i dont want to work for this venture anymore due to his failure to deliver ( he would never accept his failure). But i am worried if he agrees to end this venture i would have absolutely no source of income. Apart from failure to deliver it is also his attitude which is worrying me as some times its positive and consoling and some times it negative and not interested kind. He has various business and this software venture is one of them so if he fails in this it wont effect him much. But for me this venture is the only source of livelyhood What should i do in this scenario. Should i pray Isthikhara again whether to continue this business. If i leave this business and go find some job i would become a laughing stock in the family and be labelled as some one who has failed. I jumped into this venture hoping my ex boss would deliver. Please help i have no idea where my life is going and everything looks dark. Please help.


A: As long as you have imaan there is light. You may start off some business on the side and don’t break away from this altogether.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


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Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)