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Q: I think I might be suffering from OCD as I constantly have doubts about everything. In the mornings when I wake up to pray fajar there is still lots of time left after I finish to go back to sleep, but I am always scared I might get a wet dream so I stay up. But this got very tiring after a week because I am still a student and so I decided to go to sleep. The problem is that I constantly or very frequently will worry about getting a wet dream because I used to get them quite frequently before and they caused me a lot of distress and made me have doubts all time and made my life very stressful and hard to live. So now every time I am going to sleep I am always worrying about it and sometimes I do get a wet dream I think (I don’t know for sure if it is a wet ream because I have been told that a wet dream must contain an orgasm, and I never remember having one) in the morning it is very hard for me to know if there is extra wetness because I always have some vaginal discharge. The day before I was getting a lot so I couldn’t tell this morning. I decided to do some research on it and found a female Muslim’s article and read it and it says that I must have certainty that I had an orgasm to make ghusl. But since I suffer from doubts a lot all the time it is very hard for me. Before I would just make ghusl even if I wasn’t sure but that caused my doubts to get even worse because even the smallest doubt I would go take a shower and make ghusl. My mom is very upset with me and gets angry if I take so many showers all the time So my questions are:

1) What do I do in these situations? I am a very doubtful person and can never tell. Do I just make ghusl every single time then? This caused me a lot of hardship in the past because I have many doubts all the time.

2) When I woke up this morning after having a wet dream I didn’t remember having an orgasm and I didn’t fully remember the dream and couldn’t tell is there was extra wetness because I was having lots of vaginal discharge the day before so I didn’t make ghusl. I had to go to school so I changed my clothes and when I came home I did wudu and prayed namaz, but then I was having doubts again. Did I do the right thing this morning, because I have done a lot of research and they always say unless you can make a promise to Allah saying your wudu has broken it hasn’t, so since i wasn’t sure at all I thought I would try to stop my doubtful thoughts by not doing my normal routine showering but then I just got more because I keeping thinking what if I did the wrong thing.

3) How can I over come these thoughts? They have controlled me for 2-3 years and they make doing simple things like namaaz and wudu very difficult for me. So do I still need to do ghusl even if i am not sure I had an orgasm in my wet dream at all? Are the clothes I wore to school napak now? Did my namaz not count?

4) After I went to the bathroom this morning to use the toilet before school I washed myself like I normally do after I urinate but there were drops of water after I got up from the toilet from the water I used that touches my clothes. Are my clothes napaak because i didn’t do ghusl?

5) If I sat somewhere with those wet drops in my pants did the place like sofa or bed become napaak?

6) If I have wet dreams in the future when I don’t remember them and am not sure if there was an orgasm and can’t tell if there is extra wetness because of vaginal discharge what do I do becuase they happen frequently and when I wake up I am very sure I didn’t have an orgasm because I don’t remember having it at all but then my doubts start and I begin to worry that I am always making a mistake?

7) Since I didn’t shower until the next day, did all the clothes I changed into get napaak too?

Please help me I am very troubled with my life right now. I think I have gone crazy. Thank you for helping me with my doubts may Allah reward you.



1. If you are not clear about any orgasm nor is it conforming to the days of haidh then you do not need to take a ghusl.

2. The areas that are soiled should be washed.

3. Insha Allah, it will be.

4. No.

5. No.

6 – 7. Just wash that area.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)