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Please assist ,
Our offices are situated in an industrial area in Joburg, we have a Namaaz room at our offices where we perform daily Zuhr and Asr Prayers.
We are on average 5 people who pray together some times a few more and sometimes less), we have an appointed Imam and we make perform our Salaah in Jamaat.
The nearest Masjid from our office is 3 km away.
Is our Salaah regarded as Salaah with Jamaat (hence the extra reward,27 times superior. .)

Sometimes our Appointed Imam at our office wants to leave early in the afternoon to make if for Jamaat at the Masjid for Asr Salaah , and the other Musallis prevent him from going so that he can be Imam at our prayer . Is this correct in doing so and what would be the best option ..

Please advise what the best option is for us . . . .

Jazakallah for your assistance





Yes; your Salaah is regarded as Salaah with Jamaat therefore entitling you to all the virtues promised for Salaah read with Jamaat.

If someone is appointed an imam it is advisable for him to sacrifice his Salaah in the Masjid in order to lead the Jamaat at the office as his reward in this instance is the same if not greater.

The best option however would be to perform Salaah in the Masjid, even though it is a little difficult as this is an excellent opportunity gifted to us by Allah to avail of his great mercy, as will be seen in the following Ahaadith.

Abu Hurairah [RA] narrates that Nabi [S.A.W] said; the Salaah of person in a Jamaat is multiplied 25 times more than that Salaah that he performs [individually] in his house or business. And that is when he performs Wudhu he makes an effort to perfect it and then he goes to the Masjid, his only motive being Salaah, every step he takes will raise him a level in Jannah] and remove one sin from his account. And as long as he is busy with Salaah the Malaa’ikah send the following salutations on him so long as he does not leave his Musalla; O Allah! send your salutations on him O Allah! have mercy on him. [Bukhari and Muslim]

So there is a separate reward for performing Salaah with Jamaat in a Masjid and a separate reward for performing Salaah with Jamaat but not in a Masjid. The former holding more reward than the latter.

May Allah Ta’ala keep you steadfast. Ameen.         

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Abdurrahman bin Yaseen Cader

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Mufti Muhammad Ashraf

Darul Iftaa

Jameah Mahmoodiyah


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15 February 2007

26 Muharram 1428