Female doing charitable work

Q. Does a female require a father’s or husband’s permission to do volunteering/charitable work? If her father or husband does not allow her this permission, how best can she respond to this, especially if she’s single and feels that she can handle herself maturely?

A. A female who is not yet married is under the guardianship of her father, and according to the teachings of Islam, (at this time) she is required to be obedient to her father, as long as he does not order her (the daughter) to violate the laws of Islam or deter her from a compulsory act. If the female is married, then her husband will be her ‘Ameer’ (guardian), and she will be required to be obedient to him as long as he does not command her to do that which is unlawful or deters her from a compulsory act.

Doing charitable work is not a compulsory act in Islam, and there are many others who can provide this service. Hence, if the guardian of the female (father or husband) disallows her from such charitable work, then she must be obedient to him, even though she thinks that she is mature enough to handle herself.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan