I am a Muslim boy.I like a Hindu girl and proposed to marry her.She has accepted with conditions

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Dear Mufti Sahib, Assalamu Alaikum. I am a Muslim boy.I like a Hindu girl and proposed to marry her.She has accepted my proposal but with certain conditions,The conditions are as below: 1:- She shall not convert as a Muslim before or after marriage and shall continue as a Hindu through out her life. 2:-She shall be allowed to perform puja as per Hindu rituals in the in-law’s house without any hinderance and no one shall interfere in her faith and belief. 3:-Her name shall not be changed to a Muslim name after marriage. 4:-She shall not be asked to wear Burkha at any point of time in her life. 5:-I (her Husband) can not accept a second wife till she continues as my wife. 6:-The procedure of triple Talak for Divorce shall not be applicable in our case and Divorce procedure as applicable to Hindus shall be applicable in our case. 7:-Since Girl’s family will cut off all relations with her after marriage,she wants marriage should be performed through usual procedure of Nikahnama before a social gathering of my family members and realatives and the Nikanama must contain the above conditions 7:- Further to be assured that it is a legal marriage, She wants that I should take written permission and approval from Muslim Personal Law Board and Muslim religious authorities before marriage. Sir since I am not aware of compexities of Muslim Laws ,I request your goodself to kindy clarify the following ponits inorder to save both of our lives. A:-Whether marriage with her conditions will be accepteble to Muslim community and Her conditions can be reflected in Nikanama? B:-Whether such marriage will be legal and binding to our family members? I again request your goodself to kindly give an early reply so that we can take a decission either to marry or to foget each other.I will remain obliged to you for your early reply throughout my life. With regards!


(Fatwa: 767/677/1429=B)


(1) All these conditions are against Islam. The nikah will not be valid whether the conditions are written in the nikah letter or not.

(2) It is not allowed. You are advised to forget each other and you should not do any thing against the religion of Islam. Have patience, you may find other beautiful and desired Muslim girls to get married.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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