What should be the minimum time gap between Maghrib and Isha prayers in different time of the year?

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(1) What should be the minimum time gap between Maghrib and Isha prayers in different time of the year? Please give a simple solution. (2) My mother has a psychological disorder due to which she repeats every step of wudhu and can not offer prayers unless some one is counting all her sajdah, ruku and rakah. She does not offer prayers 5 times a day but once a week when she combines all the qaza prayers and my sisters sit with her to assure her that they are keeping count. She says some Mufti has told her that due to her problem she can do these combined prayers. But I observe her and she does not have any problem in remembering other things like bad things that other people said to her, stories of all the Indian dramas that she watches all day and video games. She is retired professor not mentally challenged in any way. One of my sister tried convincing her that her praying like this is wrong but she became very angry and beat her up. I want to know what my mother is doing, is it right.


(Fatwa: 1970/D=409/File-D=1432)

(1) The minimum gap in setting down the sun and starting of the Isha time (in the month of February, March, September and October) is nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes and the maximum gap in June and in the beginning of July is nearly 1 hour and 35 minutes.
(2) One should not waste one’s time in drama and video games. Her attitude regarding salah is improper and irresponsible.
إِنَّ الصَّلاَةَ كَانَتْ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ كِتَاباً مَّوْقُوتاً [النساء : 103]
Surely, Salah is an obligation on the believers that is tied up with time.
It is necessary for her to offer each salah at its appointed time and it is sin to do qaza. And it is worse to do qaza due to laziness, carelessness or negligence. Hence her way of offering one week’s salah together is against Shariah and and an open violation of the order of Allah the Almighty.
(3) Salah may be null and void if one is told by anyone else about the number of ruku and sajdah or rakah if one wil act as per it; hence she should adopt any other method as per herself (if there is absence of mind), otherwise by offering salah with full attention and devotion and by offering at its time regularly her said situation may improve. Hence she should offer each salah at its time. And whatever doubt comes regarding wudhu etc she should not pay attention towards it. Ask her to study the first and second volume of Bahishti Zewar, rather some girl or boy should read it and she should listen to it carefully and act as per it. In-sha-Allah, by doing so her salah shall be correct and the family members too shall start offering salah regularly. The part of Fazail Aamal especially those parts in which the importance and virtues of salah have been mentioned should be read out in house. On the Day of Judgment, one shall first be asked about salah, so one whose salah is good his/her success in next stages shall be easy.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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