My aim is to save the ummah from bidat.. Is this the start for me… should i take one foot forward to do this job.

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I am 21 years, computer expert. i am very strong(kattar)follower of ulema-deoband i am very much influenced by them..but where i live here is large sect of brelvis who follows ahmad rida khan bidati…i know all the brelvis are bidati. all ulemas of brelvis use dirty languages of our respected ulema’s they call em to be kafirs.. one of my friend is also brelvi he tells me not to follow deobandis they are kafirs, i ignore him every time, he gives me proofs of kitaabs writen by ulema e deoband,like our respected ulema, Maulana Qasim Nanotwi, Rashid Ahmad Gangohi.. Last Time i Met Him Was When i was going to perform jummah prayer..he was telling me not to go for prayer behind deobandis, come here, with me in our masjis, you will not have your salah behind them, i ignored him , then he uttered me same questions before he did… Now I Answered Him, From Al-Muhannad, I also gave him to listen the Bayans by our Great Ulemas, Zia-Rehman, & Maulana Makki On Milad-jaloos Aur bidaat, he was shocked, from then he never uttered me any questions related to deobandis, instead of that he respected me. should i believe that he if, he knows the reality. is it permissible for us to show the right path to barelvis like this… am i doing right job for islam… my aim is to save the ummah from bidat.. Is this the start for me… should i take one foot forward to do this job.


(Fatwa: 708/692=L)



Try your best to take him to right path. They are abusing and blaspheming the elders of Deoband out of ignorance. Try to tell them the true condition and wherever you are doubtful consult any good aalim. This act of yours is very blessed and you shall get reward of those who will be guided the right path through you, as mentioned in Hadith.


Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband


This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.

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