I am leaving in other country. I am talking with my wife through Skype video software, while talking sometime we watch body parts of each other and do masturbation. I have too much sex so to reduce that I used to watch porn movies on internet and I cannot stop myself to do that. (I tried so many times but failed). Moreover my wife is not allowing me to get married in foreign country; if I marry she will commit suicide. In this case can I watch sex movies and do masturbation or Skype video calling sex.

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Darulifta-Deoband.org

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 1418/1153/B=08/1435)

Masturbation is haram. It is mentioned in a hadith that on the Day of Judgment the masturbator shall be raised in a condition that his hand fingers shall be pregnant. All human beings from Adam to the Day of Judgment shall be gathered on the resurrection day and he shall face humiliation in front of them.
In case one has high sexual desires, then he is advised to keep fast. Masturbation does not reduce the sexual desire rather it renders the penis weak and leaves man unfit for marriage. Masturbation causes weakness in the central parts of the body and it affects health to a degree that the patient prefers death on life. You must refrain from it in any condition.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband