Fasting and Different Countries

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Q: I started Ramadan in Saudi. They started Ramadan one day earlier than us.  I fasted 4 days in Saudi, did not fast on my travel day and landed in US where they began their 5th day of fast, and I continued Ramadan here which was also my fifth day.  What day should I celebrate eid and do I have to make up the fast I missed while traveling?

1. Now that you are back in the United States you must follow the dates of your locality. Continue fasting as normal and celebrate Eid according to local sightings, even if it turns out to be a 30-day Ramadaan, meaning that you would have fasted 31 days. The rule is that one has to observe Eid with local Muslims even if one fasted 31 days. You will not be allowed to keep Eid on your own based on the fact that you started fasting a day ealier according to Saudi Arabia. One is bound by the country in which one is at any given time.
2. The fast you missed due to travelling has to be paid in after Ramadaan. That is a separate issue and is not affected by the sighting of the Eid moon. When you travelled, the fast was faradh upon you, but due to Islamic concession, you were allowed not to fast; therefore, qadha must be kept.
And Allah knows best
Mufti Siraj Desai