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Asalam O alikum

I am in love with a girl and her too in love with me. We want to marry and I made three times istikhara by some person and he made istikhara from my and from her side and its positive each time then she talked with her khala and she make istikhara from masjid imam sahib and it is positive again and after word I left Pakistan as I got job abroad and the will to marry with her get strong and I send my parents to her home with her khala reference now a days they are searching for my family and my nature as parents do for any proposal. I many time pray and do duwa for her in tahajud or in other namaz . even I observe  fasting for her. But all the time I am afraid that if her parents refuse it then what happened tell me any thing or way for duwa for that matter. now a days her parents gathering information about me(as character and etc).


Yours Muslim