Is performing Qasr in Arafa part of hajj or is it due to the Journey condition. Many perform 2 rakah for zohar and Asar on arafa day even imam who is a

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Iam a hanafi and am very much confused about the Manasik -E Haj.
Please clarify in details. Is performing Qasr in Arafa part of hajj or is it due to the Journey condition.  Many perform 2 rakah for zohar and Asar on arafa day even imam who is a Muqeem not musafir. so, does it mean that this varies due to differnce in school of thoughts(Maslak).  Please give me a book name which i can follow for MASAIL E HAJ,as all books contradicts each other in many ways.
Which Hajj is to be perfomed if i live in Jeddah(which is in meeqat) and what if iam coming from Riyadh or Dammam.
Again request you to clear my doubt in details with reference.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


1) According to the madhab of Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullah), praying qasr salah of Zuhr and Asr in ‘Arafah will be due to one being a musaafir (traveler). If one is a muqeem (resident), it will be necessary to pray the full salah. The same rules also apply to the Imam in ‘Arafah. If the Imam is a resident, it is necessary for him to complete the full salah and all followers must complete the entire salah with him. If the Imam is a traveler, it is necessary for him to pray qasr and those who are residents praying behind him must stand up when he says salaam to complete the salah. It is not permissible for the Imam to pray qasr if he is a resident. If he is a resident and still shortens the salah, it will be necessary to repeat the salah.

Also, according to the preferred view in the Hanafi madhab, it will only be permissible to combine the Zuhr and Asr prayers in ‘Arafah if they are observed behind the Imam. If separate congregations or individuals pray in the tents, they must pray Zuhr and Asr in their respectable times.

فصل في الجمع بين الصلاتين بعرفة…….(ثم ان كان الامام مقيما اتم الصلاة, و اتم معه المسافرون ايضا) اي و كذا المقيمون, (و ان كان) اي الامام (مسافرا قصر) با لتخفيف لكون القصر واجبا على المسافر, فلو اتمه اساء, (و اتم المقيمون) اي بعد سلام الامام, اذ يحرم قيام الماموم قبل السلام………و الحاصل ان الامام ان كان مقيما, فلا يجوز القصر للمسافرين و المقيمين, و ان كان مسافرا فلا يجوز القصر للمقيمين. (و لا يجوز للمقيم) اي و لو كان اماما (ان يقصر الصلاة) اي لاختصاص القصر با لمسافر اجماعا, و انما الخلاف في كون الجمع للنسك و السفر, (و لا للمسافر ان يقتدي به) اي بالمقيم, (ان قصر)

(Munasik Mulla Ali Qari, 194-195, Idaratul Quran)

(الجماعة فيهما) و هذا عند ابي حنيفة خلافا لهما, (فلو صلى الظهر وحده والعصر مع الجماعة, او با لعكس, او صلاهما وحده) اي منفردا فيهما, (لا يجوز العصر قبل وقته) اي عند ابي حنيفة

(Munasik Mulla Ali Qari, 198, Idaratul Quran)

(Aap Ki Masaail, 4/125, Maktaba Bayyanat)

2) Whoever lives in the miqat will fall under the rulings of a resident of Makkah. Therefore, since Jeddah falls under the miqat, it will only be permissible for the resident to perform Ifraad Hajj, i.e. Hajj only without Umrah.

Those who live outside the miqat, including residents of Riyadh and Dammam, will not fall under the rules of residents living within the miqat. Therefore, they may either perform Tamattu’ Hajj (Umrah and Hajj with two separate Ihrams) or Qiran Hajj (Umrah and Hajj with one Ihram).

Lastly, a book we suggest with rules and masaail of Hajj is “Mu’allimul Hujjaj” by Hadrat Maulana Sa’eed Ahmed Saheb. This book has also been translated into English entitled “Teacher of the Hajj Pilgrims”.

And Allah knows best

Wassalam u Alaikum

Ml. Asif Umar,
Student Darul Iftaa

Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

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