Asslam Allaikum Mufti Sahab ,

I am a physician in the U.S and currently working in a stem cell research lab . I try to follow the Hanifi Fiqh and live my life according to the sunnah of the Prophet (SA). My question is as follows : –

1. I will be working on embryonic stem cells and wanted to know if it allowed to perform experiments on embryonic stem cells (EBM) ?
EBM are derived from the following method . When the sperm and egg are combined in fertility clinics for invitro fertilization for couples who are unable to have children , many times too many embryo’s are created in the process. Only 1 is used to put in the female uterus and the rest are thrown away . But instead of being thrown away , they were once sent to a research lab for experiments . The U.S government has banned creating more embryos but the ones that were already in possession were allowed to be used . More cells can be grown from the same cells .
Also , to maintain the cells in the lab , cells from a pregnant rat must be used to provide nutrition to the cells . The pregnant rat needs to be killed in the process .

2. Is my wife allowed to donate the umbilic cord blood for research ? I was reading that female products should be buried after child birth but the umbilic cord contains cells that I may use in the future for research . Is it allowed to do experiments on these cells and to donate ones umbilical cord for this purpose ?

JazakAllah khair for your efforts . Remember me in your dua