My brother is blackmailing me what should i do…2) What is the consequence for breaking a promise? 3) What is the consequence of blackmailing?

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My younger is blackmailing me. I don?t want him to tell my dad about a secret or else it will break our family apart. But he says if I don?t follow his orders he will tell. I also made him promise that he wouldn?t to tell but he keeps on threatening to. 1) What should I do I can?t confront my dad and my Mom can?t do anything either? 2) What is the consequence for breaking a promise? 3) What is the consequence of blackmailing? 4) Is there a duaa to stop him? Allah Hafiz


Is you brother younger or older than you? Do you have any other elder siblings? How is he threatening you? Will it be possible to ask one of them to help you to deal with your brother? I do not have to know your secret but what does he plan to do to you if you do not give in to his demands? Why do you think he does not care if he breaks up your family?

From what you tell me, it appears that he is behaving very selfishly. A person who breaks a promise cannot be trusted in anyway. Our Nabi (sallallaahu alayhi wassallam) had given us clear guidelines that promises should always be kept and if someone confides a secret with you, you should never reveal that secret to anybody. Blackmailing is evil. It is also totally unbecoming of a Muslim to behave in this way. I personally view it this way, ‘the person who blackmails is a thief who sucks oxygen out of another human being’s lungs.’ It is most disgusting when one does it to one’s own family members. Allah Ta’ala is aware of all our thoughts and deeds. Only a person who does not fear Allah Ta’ala would behave in this way. This can eventually result in total disaster for the person who blackmails for Allah Ta’ala’s wrath decends when least expected.

You are welcome to write to me again if you wish. May Allah Ta’ala guide your brother and you and also keep your family united and under His protection. Ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best