Can my sperm be introduced to my wife’s egg in a controlled laboratory?

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As I have low sperm count, the doctor says my sperm and my wife’s egg can be fertilised in a lab., then entered back to my wife’s womb for pregnancy. The doctor says we are too weak to conceive naturally. we are sad and depressed, what should we do?


It is not permissible to go through any egg donor programme. A human offspring must have a father and be of his semen. If medical authorities are satisfied that a particular wife cannot be impregnated by her husband, then artificial insemination would be lawful as long as the semen is that of her husband. Impregnating her with another man?s semen would be illegal and forbidden, because it is obvious that the mother will be carrying the semen of an unlawful mate ? one to whom she is not married, neither can the resultant child be the father?s heir like an adopted child who also cannot inherit.

Artificial human insemination (AIH) is the introduction of semen in the women?s vagina or uterus mechanically. It will only be permissible if:

1. The woman is unable to become pregnant in the normal or natural way.

2. The semen must not be acquired by self masturbation, rather a non-reactive silicone sheath which is usually used for collecting and protecting the specimen in act of legal intercourse be utilised.

3. The semen has to be of the husband.

The most common method of AIH is IVF (InVitro-Fertilization). It simply means fertilization of a female ovum by a male spem in a test tube.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai