I want to know how to improve my quality of namaz

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AsalamValakum I have 3 questions 1, I want to know how to improve my quality of namaz,I came to know that when there is no khushu(consentration) ,Taqwa and zikir in namaz ,It is not at all a namaz.yah there is zikir in my namaz but other two are very difficult to achive.How do I practice it.Sahaba Akram (RA) use to see Akhira in front of them in Namaz thus was there quality but I try but I could not achive it.some time I do concentrate,what is the exact method to achive this? 2,Can we greet on birthdays. 3,I was browsing and found this site http://www.allaahuakbar.net/tableegi_jamaat/ghuloo_in_fazail-e-aamaal.htm ,can you give comments on this. wasalam Naveed


1. Q: What is the remedy to evil thoughts?
A: Evil thoughts are a sign of Imaan. The noble companions complained to Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa sallam) of evil thoughts to which he replied by saying, ?That is a clear sign of Imaan.? (Mishkaat pg.18; Me?raaj)

The mind is like a highway. Today a king or pious person would pass over it, tomorrow a beggar or evil person will pass by. Similarly one experiences good thoughts (of performing Salaat, reciting the noble Qur?aan, etc.), as well as evil thoughts. One should avoid seeing or doing anything that invite such thoughts.If the thoughts are not articulated, one will not be answerable for them. Evil thoughts are like live electric wires. If one pays attention to them by touching them, he will get shocked.Similarly, one should ignore evil thoughts and engage in something useful. One may also read ?Laa hawla Walaa Quwaata Illaa billahi al-Aliyy al-Adheem? (There is no power ? to refrain from evil ? nor ability ? to do good ? except with Allah, the Most High, the Exalted).

An easy way to achieve concentration in Salaat as explained by Hadhrat Moulana Thanwi (ra) is to think about what will be doing next in Salaat, e.g. when standing, ponder over your next action, i.e. ruku and what you will read in it, then think that you will come up and go into qawmah, then Sajdah. You should also be punctual with the Dhikr of Allah, keep the company of the pious and go out in the path of Allah to work on your Imaan.

2. The celebration of birthdays is an un-Islamic practice and should be refrained from.

3. We would advise you to keep your distance from this site as it is extremely harmful for your Imaan and your Deen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai