Ten questions … 1.Can I secretly take my parent’s money and give it in sadqa, khairat

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1.Can I secretly take my parent’s money and give it in sadqa, khairat, etc.(in a any form of charity)? Then on whose behalf should I give it on, them or me (since it is my parent’s money)? 2. What niyyat do I have to do if for example I am giving sadqa myself, or on my parents behalf who are alive. What if I want to give it on behalf of someone who is dead so that they can get thawab? 3. Can we throw away beads, tasbeeh, etc on which zikr has been done, or are we supposed to keep them with respect? What if we don’t need it anymore or the tasbeeh broke and can’t use it anymore? 4. Can we use face washes that have animal ingredients (mostly from cow fat or beef) that are not zabiha (no pork)? 5. Can we use body lotion (cream) that has animal ingredients (mostly from cow fat or beef) that are not zabiha (no pork)? 6. I know the answer is probably no but to make sure: Can we use soaps and shampoos that have pork (from pig) in them? 7. Al Safa produces meat products like hotdogs, salamis, etc. Do you think it is a trustable company and should we eat it? 8. If a Hindu (or people other than the People of Book) offers their food should I accept it and throw it or refuse right away? 9.I know we can’t go to Hindus? (or anybody except Christians? and Jews?) house but can we invite them to our house and parties? 10.if one missed duhr salaat should he do qaza of it before Asr salaat or after Asr salaat? jazakallah


1. It is Haraam for you to take your parent’s money secretly and give it in
charity. You can only give it in charity with their permission.
2. You may give your own money in charity on behalf of anyone – living or
dead with the intention of Isaal-e-Sawaab.
3. It is better to keep them with respect. You may also dispose of these
beads by burying them.
4. Since these products contain non-Zabeeha animal ingredients, it is not
permissible to use them. There are a number of Taahir products on the
5. Refer 4 above
6. Refer 4 above
7. We are unable to comment on the Halaal nature of the products of a
company based overseas. Kindly consult your local Ulama if possible or else
you maymake your own research to determine the nature of their products.
8. You may accept their foodstuffs. If you find anything doubtful in their
food, you may dispose of it. If the food is not doubtful, for instance, it
is a pure vegetable product and you are convinced no Haraam ingredient has
been used, you may consume it.
9. If you feel that inviting them will bring them closer to Islam and that
this will enable you to present the message of Islam to them, you may invite
them over for meals. However, you should abstain from un-Islamic behaviour
like intermingling of the sexes, etc.
10. If he has five or less Qadhaa Salaats to perform, he should first
perform his Dhuhr and then Asr Salaat – time permitting. If he has more than
five Qadhaa Salaats to perform, he may perform the Asr first.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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