Would it be possible to list out what type of Waseela (intercessions) are allowed to be taken when making Du’aa to Allah S.W.T. Please provide the reference for each.

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Confusion is different people say different things in this regard. Some say, only Allah?s beautiful names can be used, some say, Rasulullah?s name can be used as well, some say pious people?s names can be used, and some say one?s own good deeds can be used, etc?. Please provide a list of ja?ez (allowed) and prohibited waseelas, along with a reference for each category. The reference is quite important, when talking to people here.


Permissible Waseelas

1) To make dua to Allah Ta’ala and to ask Allah to fulfill ones needs
through the waseela of a Nabi or a Wali (friend of Allah). Nabi alaihis
salaam taught a Sahabi to make dua through him (Nabi alaihis salaam). Refer
to Tirmizi Shareef vol. 2 pg. 197 and Mishkaat pg. 219.

2) Umar radiyaalahu anhu at the time of drought use to make dua and take the
waseela of Abbaas radiyaalahu anhu, the paternal uncle of Nabi alaihis
salaam. Refer to Mishkaat pg. 132 and also Bukhaari.

3) To use the waseela of ones good deeds is also Jaaiz as mentioned in the
Hadith of the ‘Ghaar’ (cave), when the 3 men were locked in a cave by a rock
which blocked the entrance. Each one of the 3 men through the waseela of one
of his good deeds implores Allah to remove the rock and accordingly Allah
removed the rock. Refer to Riyaadus Saaliheen by Imaam Nawawi.

Impermissible Waseelas
1) To ask anyone or thing to fulfill ones needs besides Allah Ta’ala.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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