Would you please answer the followingquestions?

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Respected Mufti Sahib: As-Salaam-O-Alaykum. Would you please answer the following questions in light of the four schools of thought: . Is it permissable to recite Quran during salaah(obligatory or non-obligatory), while looking into it? . What is/are the ruling(s), regarding offering non-obligatory salaah in the form of a jamaat? . What are the rules pertaining to men’s hair cut? . Are foods containing ANY ingredient which is derived from Non-Zabiha animal source(cows/chickens/goats etc.), may/can be considered HALAL? Your prompt and detailed answeres to the above listed questions, is very much appreciated. Jazakallah-O-Khairan. Wa-As-Salaam-O-Alaykum


1) If a person looks in the Qur’aan whilst reading Salaat, then his Salaat
is null and void. (Tahtaawi vol.1 pg.183)
2) If a person offers non-obligatory Salaat with Jamaat (three or more
persons besides the Imaam), the Salaat will become Makrooh (disliked).
However, if there are less than three persons, the Salaat will not be
Makrooh. (Shaami vol.2 pg.48)
3) In a Hadith of Sahih Bukhari, Rasulullah warned to refrain from ‘Qaz’
(Bukhari pg.877; Qadeemi). ‘Qaz’ according to the Ulama is having the hair
cut at two different lengths, where part of the head is shaved and part is
not shaved. (Bukhari pg.877; Qadeemi). The Fuqahaa (Jurists) have ruled that
to cut one’s hair in different lengths is Makrooh (disliked).
4) There are seven organs in an animal which are considered dead; a) Hair,
b) Feathers, c) Beak, d) Bone, e) Milk, f) Eggs, g) Hooves. (Bahr al-Raaiq
vol.1 pg.106; Rasheed Trust). The byproducts of such organs will be Halaal
even if the animal is not slaughtered according to the Islamic Laws of

All answers are according to the Hanafi Madhab.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai