Please give authentic hadith/quran verse that state that our book of deeds and other claims such as what fortunes and mishaps are open/cloosed on Shabe Bharat.

I read pamflets in various mosques regarding shabe bharat. Its states that various things occur on this night such as our book of deeds open for the new year. People from different nationalities such as arabs who strictly follow the sunnah and quran, have discussed this in detailed and stated that there are no supporting hadith to back up these claims. THis is a bidath that only indo-pakis follow and believe. Please clarify


Q: We see some people specifying the 15th of Sha?baan with particular supplications and reciting the Qur?aan and performing naafilah prayers. Is there any virtue mentioned in the ahaadith for this particular night? What is the correct position?

A: There are many Ahaadith that have been narrated on the virtue of the 15th of Sha?baan. One of them is the narration of Sayyiduna Mu?aadh ibn Jabal (Radhiallaahu Anhu) that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said,

?Allah Ta?ala turns to his entire creation on the fifteenth night of Sha?baan and forgives all of them except one who ascribes partners to Him and one who harbours enmity in his heart.?

(This Hadith has been recorded by Imaam Tabrani in his Mu?jamul Awsat Hadith6776 and Mu?jamul Kabeer vol.20 pg.108-109)

Imaam ibn Hibbaan (RA) has classified this narration as Sahih (authentic) and has included it in his book ? al-Saheeh. (see Sahih ibn Hibbaan vol.12 pg.482; Hadith5665).

Hafiz al-Haythami (RA) has mentioned that all the narrators of this Hadith are reliable. (Majma-uz-zawaaid vol.8 pg.65)

Besides this narration classified as Saheeh by Imaam ibn Hibbaan (RA), there is another classified as sound by Haafiz al-Munzhiri (RA) in his al-Targheeb (vol.3 pg.459). This narration is of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (Radhiallaahu Anhu) and is recorded by Imaam Bazzaar (RA) in his Musnad. In fact, Hafiz ibn Hajar (RA) has also classified one of its chains as Hasan (sound). (al-Amaalil mutlaqah pgs.119-120)

Besides the above, there are many other Sahaaba (Radhiallaahu Anhum) that narrated Ahaadith regarding the merit of this night, such as: Abu Hurayra (Musnad al-Bazzaar), Abu Tha?labah (Shu?ubul Imaan), Awf ibn Maalik (Musnad al-Bazzaar), Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas (Musnad Ahmad Hadith6642), Abu Moosa al-Ash?ari (ibn Majah Hadith1390; Shu?ubul Imaan Hadith3833) and others. The collective strength of these narrations cannot be refuted.

The general virtue of this night has been accepted by many great Ulama of the past. From among many great scholars which have agreed to the virtue of this night are: Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz, Imaam al-Shaafi?ee, Imaam al-Awzaa?ie, Attaa ibn Yassaar, Imaam al-Majd ibn Taymiyah, ibn Rajab al-Hambaliy and Hafiz Zaynu-ddeen al-Iraaqiy (Rahmatullaahi alayhim) ? refer Lataiful Ma?aarif of Hafiz ibn Rajab pgs.263-264 and Faydhul Qadeer vol.2 pg.317

In fact, Hafiz Ahmad ibn Taymiyah [ra] has said,

?As for the middle night of Sha?baan, there are various narrations that have been narrated regarding its significance and it has been reported from a group of the Salaf (predecessors) that they performed Salaat in it individually, hence, such a deed cannot be disputed.?

(Majmoo? al-Fataawa ibn Taymiyah vol.23 pg.132)

and Allah Ta?ala Knows Best

Ml. Muhammad ibn Moulana Haroon Abassommar