Please propose some DUA. i want my married life PERFACT one in every regard also advice me good manners that i practice with my wife to be a PERFACT husbandSpecial thanks Regards Bilal

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AOA Special thanks for such a nice web site to help us out in our day to day stuff if possible please answer my Q ASAP i am a male 26y old. get married few weeks back. as i was involved in masturbation. but i have left it year ago and medication was done and doctor was satisfied with the results. ALHUMDULILAH i pray daily and trying to be good muslim also perform hajj last year and try to make my self better then i was. but now after merrage i have some problem (unable to be hard at approprate time and get soften too early. pre mature ejection etc). i am getting abit medicin but also like if you help me in proposing some DUA. i want my married life PERFACT one in every regard also advice me good manners that i practice with my wife to be a PERFACT husband Special thanks Regards Bilal


Masha Allah that you changed your life. Start by making sincere tauba, cry
in repentance for every sin committed from the time you became of age till
now regretting upon it making a firm intention never to return to it. Then
make dua for all your needs, requirements and difficulties. Tauba removes
difficulties, duas are answered, sustenance increase too, Insha Allah.

As far as your problem, masturbation does weaken the body, seek also help
from Allah Ta’ala on this aspect. Nevertheless to increase stamina/ libido
eat foods that build vitality, like dates ,meat products etc. As far as
pre-mature ejaculation also may stem from insecurity, guilt, helplessness,
problems, tension etc. Address these issues. Read the book on sexual
etiquettes in Islaam, build your relationship psychological then on a
emotional and physical with your wife with love, foreplay and afterplay.
Help discover each other and share your feelings. You may have a few
attempts of failure, do not despair Insha Allah it will come right. However
help your wife with afterplay to climax, etc. If you have finished consider
her feelings and needs it does affect her self-esteem.

May Allah Ta’ala remove your difficulties.

Was Salaam

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NB. As a perfect husband read about how our Beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi
Wasallam) treated his wives in the home in His (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)
attitude, care, love etc. Read also on your fulfilling your duties to your
wife instead of demanding your rights. Overlook her faults, love her, give
her an allownace to which is completely personal not answerable should she
wish to spend on herself on charity, gifts etc. Insha Allah you developing
good Akhlaaq will earn you high standards Insha Allah . Uswaai -e-Rasool
e-Akram (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) is a highly recommended Kitaab in this