What is the difference between Western revolution and the Muslim revolution?

.We are busy with the study of the internal conflict and Afghanistan is one of our case studies. One task we must do is to look at the differnt revolutions in Afghanistan and also the differnce between the Western and Muslim revolution. With the help of the different information, I must make a deduction if the revolutions in Afghanistan was based on Western or Muslim doctrine


There is major difference between the Western revolution and the Islamic revolution. Western revolutions fought against any ideal they did not agree with, for example, in Vietnam they fought there because of the communists. They were also involved in the cold war against the Soviet Union.

As for Islamic revolution, it is based on Islamic principles i.e. the laws of the Quraan and Sunnah. We are aware that Islam has come to guide people from the worship of man to the worship of the Creator of man, Allah Ta?ala. This is where the most fundamental difference comes about ie the west only looks after its own interests even it be at the expense of children that will be killed as in Iraq. America would not have entered the Gulf if the Gulf had nothing to offer, like Oil. If the west cannot get anything out of the conflict they would not get involved.

As for the Afghan Jihad this was based on the laws of Islam because the Mujahideen wanted to liberate the masses from the communists and establish the Laws of Allah Ta?ala on Earth, which they succeeded in doing. The west may seem to lend a hand because of the common enemy i.e. communism but in esssence they did not really help. The involvement of the west in Afghan Jihaad was to get rid of one enemy and then be left with only one more to defeat, i.e. Islam.

In brief, Islamic Revelutions is based on establishment of Islam on Earth whereas the Western revolution is based on personal gain.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai