I have is regarding multiple wives. Can a muslim marry the wife’s sister or my sister in law as a second wife?

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I am really ashamed to talk about this, but I want to change my ways and become a better muslim inshallah. I have masturbated for the past 8 years almost everyday. At times, I would do ghusl and at times I was too lazy to peform ghusl.However, I always prayed 5 times a day and most of the time I  performed wudu but not ghusl. If I can calculate it correctly, I have to make up about 60,000 rakas of fard salats. What is the best way to make these prayers up and the appropriate niyyat.

Also, How about all the other good deeds, the koran recitation, and the duas I made in the state of this impurity (no ghusl)? Do I still get reward for the duas and the good deeds. Do I get any reward or blessing for at least offering salat at the prescribed time?

 Another question I have is regarding multiple wives. Can a muslim marry the wife’s sister or my sister in law as a second wife?


1. Try and make a calculated estimation of the number of Salaats you performed without Ghusl. Thereafter, start making Qadhaa of these. A convenient way of performing Qadhaa is to perform one Qadhaa before or after every current Fardh Salaat.

2. You should make Tawbah for reciting the Qur’aan without Ghusl. As for du’aas, etc. they may be recited without Ghusl.

3. No, a man cannot marry his wife’s sister whilst the wife is still in his Nikah. In other words, he cannot marry two sisters at the same time. Yes, if he divorces one he may marry her sister after the iddah of the first sister.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Fatwa Dept.)