Istikharah and had dream before found my soulmate(insha Allah). Love forever?

As-selamualaykum wr wb I was seeking for marriage for years, and always end with cry and frustrated. Then recently, there is a man from another country, purpose me for marriage. He is religious, very care and love me. There is member in his family who shaheed, and give inspiration to his life to be more closed to Allah. He also respect his family and my family too. I had did istikharah and I felt that my heart is very closed to him, and calm too, alhamdulillah. I remember that few years ago I saw a man in my dream, with kids, in Friday night, in Ramadhan, then I woke up, I heard adzhan and my heart felt so peace and calm, and now I realise that the man in my dream is look like him, Insha Allah. I never met him in real life and he promise to come to my country and meet my family and marry me this year Insha Allah. Is there any du`a for us to be sabr and ask guidance from Allah to help us for marriage? And du`a to stay love each other, accept each other, and live happy together in dunya and akhirah, Insha Allah? Is it possible if wife can be together with her husband BOTH in dunya and akhirah? (Insha Allah) Please advice.


You state that you made Istikhaara for the proposal and you felt positive in your heart. Alhamdulillah, that is a positive sign and indication to a successful marriage.

We make Du?aa to Allah Ta?ala that He grant you barakah in the marriage, aameen. Continue fulfilling your religious obligations, Salaat, recitation of the Qur?aan, offer some charity according to your means, etc. Insha Allah, Allah will shower you with His special mercy.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai