Q1)Someone once asked me that to whom does Allah Ta’ala refer to in the Quraan when he mentions “We” Q2) Question regarding wearing pyjamas whilst reading Salaah.

Q2) I understand that you are standing before Allah and you should do so with utmost respect. But you stated that it is Makrooh to do so. Can you please quote the relevant Hadith or Quranic Ayat that justifies your statement. I have been in the habit of reading Fajr Salaah with my Pyjamas & I always thought that having my Burqa over was good enough because it covers most of my clothes. Are you trying to say that i cannot make zikr of Allah because I am not dressed appropriately while wearing my pyjamas. It even implies that i should not read my Dua when waking up until I go and put a cloak on or that i should have my cloak on when reciting my Dua before sleeping. Maybe I have my bearings all confused but to my understanding making zikr of Allah and reading salaah are both standing before Allah . And Allah knows best Concerned sister Wassalaam


1. In some places of the Qur?aan, Allah Ta?ala refers to Him as ‘I?. In such places, Allah expresses His Tawheed and Oneness. In places where Allah refers to Himself as ?We?, He expresses His Strength and Greatness.

2. We do not understand the details of your second question. Which statement of ours are you referring to? It is permissible to perform Salaat and Dhikr of Allah with pyjamas.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai