i married, have had many problems since start, i had an affair, i told my wife about it few years. after 3 years have, she has filed for a divorce, and, but i love her

i have been married for a few years, have had many problems since start, i also had an affair, to which i told my wife about after few years.i gave my word that i will never have contact with the other woman. upto now my word i have kept.as i have started to fear almighty ALLAH ,now after 3 years have gone, she has filed for a divorce, and, but i love her very much, she will not forgive me, she does not want me around, not only that she has qouted ” if i want to go back to her then i have to live as a slave to her”. this is not the first time i have had to leave my home, i have been asked to leave 4 times previos within the last 3 years.. every time i have cried to go back, but now i dont know what to do. i try to practice Islam, but i am no angel. she on the other hand has started to do things against.. i.e go nightclubbing.. hang around the wrong crowd… since i have left the home.i also have 4 alhamdulillah beautyfull children involved.. i feel that she wants to live the free life, she has bad influence from her sister who also does not follow islam, i do not want to divorce her but others are advising me to do so, and let her go, my biggest worry is my children.please please please Mufti saab i am desperate in seeking your advise on this matter, it would be very helpful..may allah bless you and your team for your efforts and advise..


We suggest you persist in bringing her back unto the right path. You should also make a firm commitment to the marriage and mould your life according to the dictates of Islam.

Try every possible means to maintain this marriage not only for the sake of the children but also for the sake of the parents.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa