Which books can i read to better understand marriage?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org


Mufti I would love to know which books can i read with regards to marriage.

Like every aspect of marriage from the first day of meeting ur wife the sunnahs to do, as well as the first night.

With regards to dos and don’ts in sexual relations.

Where can I read up all this in detail?



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Kindly refer to the following links that may be a useful read on marriage:

1. http://jamiat.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/islamic_guide_sesso.pdf

2. http://idealwoman.org/category/marital/

3. http://www.haqislam.org/recipe-for-a-successful-marriage/

4. http://idealwoman.org/2012/identify-your-marital-problems-session/

5. http://jamiat.org.za/women/the-road-to-a-happy-marriage-part-1/

You may also refer to the following books:

1. Perfect harmony (prescription for love) by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari

2. Fiqh Of Marriage by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari

3. Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations by Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari

4. Sexuality in Islam by Doctor Farouk Haffejee.[i]


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Akhyar uddin

Student Darul Iftaa,

Buffalo, NY, U.S.A

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.



This book can be obtained at https://hikmah.co.za/products/sexuality-in-islam?_pos=1&_sid=2f59a5180&_ss=r