Assalamu alaikum .my problem is i get drops of urine after toilet for an unknown should i change the clothes everytime?sometimes it happens during salaat

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.. so should i change the clothes everytime?sometimes it happens during salaat.2)can a man submit to his wife willingly during sex?.3)a friend of mine says he didnt know earlier that we have to bathe after he attended salaats without ghusl.will all those salaats be valid?else can he repent now?how?.i have heard if u go in tabligh (dawaah) jamaat,and say once Subhanallah,u get reward for 7 lakh my question is,4)if he offers salaat just once will the qadha be lifted?.please answer these questions urgently..Jazakallah.


1. In principle, if the impurities is equal to or more than the amount of hollow of one?s palm, it is necessary to wash the impurities. However, if the impurities are lesser than the hollow of one?s palm Salaat with the clothing shall be valid but Makrooh. If the drops of urine emit in Salat, the Salaat will become invalid and will have to be repeated.

2. Yes, one may submit himself willingly.

3. In principle, once a person masturbates, Ghusl (bath) becomes necessary. Therefore, any Salaat performed without performing Ghusl, firstly seek repentance from Allah, secondly, the Salaat will have to be compensated for by making Qadhaa.

4. No, despite the reward being multiplied in Tabligh by performing one Salaat, the number of Salaat shall not be multiplied. Each missed Salaat shall have to be performed independently.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai