Does watching porn invalidate the fast

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Assalamualaikum Mufti saab. Unfortunately last year during Ramadan I watched pornography while fasting. I was not fully sure whether it would break my fast or not. I became very regretful and began searching whether it broke my fast or not. Some people said yes while others said no. Mufti saab I come to you with great shame asking this question. I have repented to Allah (swt) and have sat in the company of Ulama to try and better myself. Did my fast break? If so, how do I make up for it? One more question if I may: While I was fasting today I made ablution and put water in my mouth and then spat it out. I then proceeded to pray my salat and because I was thirsty I intentionally swallowed my spit. I was not sure whether there was water in the spit or not. If I kept on spitting until I was sure the water was gone from my mouth I would become even more thirstier. Did my fast break also Mufti saab? Jizakallah for taking your time to read this question. Wa’asalamualaykum.



In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalāmu ῾alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi Wabarakātuh

In principle, any sin that is committed during fast renders it makrooh. Thus, your fast was makrooh not annulled. May Allah jalla jalāluhu grant you steadfastness on your tawbah.

It is makrooh to intentionally collect one’s saliva and swallow it. Therefore, your fast was intact.

(Aap Kay Masail, Vol. 3, Pg.286,Maktabah Bayyinaat)

And Allāh Ta῾āla Knows Best

Ml. Abdur Rahman Shareef,
Student Dārul Iftā

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Ml. Abduz Zaman,
Student Dārul Iftā

Under the guidance of:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai