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Contamination of alcohol at a canteen

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Q. We have a canteen at our work place that sells fresh fruits as well as alcohol. Will it be okay for us as Muslims to purchase the fresh fruits from the canteen? A. If there is no contamination of the fruits and alcohol at the canteen, then it will be permissible to purchase the… read more »

Conjugal relations during menses (Haidh)

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Q. Can a husband have conjugal relations with his wife during menses? A. It is prohibited for a husband to have conjugal relations with his wife during menses. Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Quran: “They ask you (O Muhammad ٍSallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) concerning menstruation. Say, “It is impure so leave (conjugal relations with) women during… read more »

Cancellation fee for cancelling a lay-by

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Q. Assalamualaikum Respected Mufti sahib Kindly advise as to whether a fee can be charged upon a cancellation of lay-by by a customer. Jazakalla. Your brother in Islam A. In the enquired case, if the cancellation of the lay-by involved actual work/labour, such as transporting the item back to the warehouse etc., then actual costs… read more »

Changing a Masjid to a Musallah

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Q. Is it permissible to change the status of a Musjid to a Musallah? The trustees of our Musjid wish to do so as there are hardly any Musallees coming to the Musjid? A. In principle, once a Masjid is established, it remains as such forever. Accordingly, the status of a Masjid cannot be changed… read more »

Changing a reverts name

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Q. Salmz mufti is it a necessity to change your name when you embrace Islam please explain A. A person’s name bespeaks his/her religion. Therefore, it is vital for a revert to Islam to take an Islamic name to identify himself/herself with Islam. To keep such names which suggest adherence to any culture and creed other… read more »

Charging a profit on a loan

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Q. Can you charge a profit on a loan? A. In Shariah, if a debtor takes a loan from a creditor whereby it is agreed that the debtor will pay back the creditor at a later date with an additional amount or rate, it will be tantamount to interest. Therefore, it is impermissible and Haraam to… read more »

Committing adultery and undergoing an abortion

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Q. A woman committed adultery and subsequently had an abortion because of the embarrassment of her family. What should she do?  A. In the enquired case, the Nikaah of the woman who committed adultery and subsequently had an abortion is valid. (Shaami 3/50) She should sincerely repent for committing adultery and undergoing an abortion without… read more »