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Men wearing gold.

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Q. How come we’re not able to wear gold? I know the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him only wore silver and we all follow him but is there any other reason? A. The prohibition for men to wear gold is on account of the clear directives of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A). In one narration,… read more »

Meaning of (verse 1) Suratul Mu’minoon

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Q: Success is really attained by the believers who guard their private parts except from their wives or from those (bondwomen who are) owned by their hands, as they are not to be blamed. However, those who seek beyond that are the transgressors” (Quran 23:1- What does this mean is it permissable to have sex… read more »

Using the Masjid as a residence.

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Q. What is ruling of the Sharia’ regarding using the Masjid/Musallah as a residence for a short or a long time? What is the ruling about somebody coming from overseas for the cause of Islam (for instance a Jamaat or an a’lim coming over to teach the deen) and staying in the Masjid for a… read more »

Can we not go a mazaars.?

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Question: Can we not go a mazaars.? And give me the answer in reference of hadith and quran. Answer: As Salaamu Alaikum, A mazaar is a grave, shrine or a tomb, and visiting a mazaar is in reality visiting a grave. Hence, it is permissible to visit a mazaar. However, it should be noted that… read more »

Meaning of hadith about fitna.

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Q. Do the sahabah doing or practising Tableegh jamaah follow the correct path of Quran and Sunnah? Also explain the meaning of the hadith of Huzaifa (ra) about fitna. A. Yes, Tableegh Jamaat follows the correct path of Quran and Sunnah. The hadith of Huzaifa (R.A) about Fitnah is:- Huzaifa (R.A) said, ‘Once I was… read more »

Masah on different types of socks.

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Question: I understand that it is permissible to perform Masah on THICK SOCKS (Jawrbeen) in the Hanafi madhab and Fuqaha have stipulated the conditions for thickness to be: 1. It stays up for itself on the feet. 2. A person can walk with these socks (alone) to a distance of three miles without the socks… read more »

Marrying secretly.

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Q. I have a friend who has a boyfriend and they’re both practicing muslims. However the boy is younger than her by 2 years and they would like to get married now. But his parents think he should wait until he reaches 21 years and that’s almost 2 years from now! I would like to… read more »

Married to someone who leaves Islam.

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Q. Can one follow another person in Salaah, who is married to a Christian woman who was previously Muslim and changed her faith to Christianity? A. A Muslim (male or female) who changes his/her religion from Islam to Christianity is an apostate (Murtad) in Islam, and marriage with such a person is totally haram (unlawful)… read more »