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Women slaughtering animals.

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Q. Is it permissible for women to slaughter animals and if so what are the conditions? A. It is permissible for women to slaughter animals and the conditions for them are the same conditions that are for the males. That is, they should be fully knowledgeable regarding what should be said. They must have the… read more »

Women beautifying themselves.

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Q. If a woman whose eyebrows are thick, is it permissible for her to shave/pluck it? Not in a manner as to beautify herself or making it look like inverted crescents but rather to get a bit of a feminine look. And also what about the women who wear veil? Are they allowed to beautify… read more »

Woman remarrying after being divorced.

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Q. My question is that after getting divorced once or twice (not thrice) and after the end of the iddat period, can the woman marry anyone other than her former husband who gave her 1 or 2 talaqs? Is it permissible? In other words, does the woman become totally free and available for marriage after… read more »

Woman taking part in Qurbani.

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Q. What are the requirements for a woman who is taking part in Qurbani other than fasting? Does she need to actually be at the place of sacrifice? Is it allowed for a woman who has no male person to assist with Qurbani to give the money to IBN for Qurbani shares where the meat… read more »

Woman Who Dies In a Impure State

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Question: Salams mufti, I was wondering if a woman dies while she is na pak (menstruation) does her ghusl for preparation for her janaaza be accepted? Shukriya ya mufti. May Allah grant you goodness. Ameen. Answer: Wa alaikum As Salaam, Yes, it will be accepted. And Allah Knows best. Mufti Waseem Khan. 19/12/2013. Source