Assalamu Alaikum, There are a lot of Ahadith in which it is mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam used to recite in rukū, sujūd and qawma certain tasbeehaat other than the usual subhaana rabbi al- a’alaa, subhaana rabbi al-azeem etc. My question is: If one wants to recite those other tasbeehaat in their fardh salah (or even in nafl prayers), are they allowed to do so? If yes, will these tasbeehaat be recited along with subhaana rabbi al-azeem or no? That is, is it permissible to recite them both (I mean the usual ones and the not-so-usual ones) simultaneously? Or should we recite only one at a time? That is, if we choose to say subhaana rabbi al-azeem, should we recite just that and not the other ones? Similarly, for jalsa istiraahat, is it permissible to say Allahummaghfirli when one rises from sajdahs? Whatever the answers are, will they apply to women’s salaah too? 

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