Can you tell me does the following count as hurmut musahara:If say a man is sitting in a car where someone whom hurmut musahara can happen with is sitting next to him or he is lying his head on their lap, as an example, he is a young adult and is ill. Now he gets an erection due to him having thoughts of other women or seeing other women on tv or on the streets whom marriage is allowed for him. The erection is NOT at all due to the person whom hurmut musahara can happen with being next to him nor is there any lust in his heart on the person nor is his intention of any kind on the person whom hurmut musarhara can happen with, not in the slightest but erection only happens due to him thinking of other women or seeing other women whom he can marry. But due to sitting in a car and the person is sitting next to him or his head in their lap some of his body parts like legs is touching them. Does this count?Also Can Hurmut Musahara happen between a man and his son?

He is convinced that it is mazi and does not even remember having a wet dream. As a precaution, it will be wajib to make ghusl in the above case. [Bahishti Zewar]After awakening, if there is some mazi (pre-coital fluid) but we are sure that there is no wet dream and mazi is due to any other reason for example erection in night or early morning which occurred while thinking some erotic matter. Is there any requirement of ghusl (fardh/wajib)? For Example, while sleeping and dreaming erotic dream mazi (pre-coital fluid) has come out but you had got up before ejaculation of semen (mani). In general, I want to know in any cases while sleeping or awakening if we are sure that ejaculation of semen (mani) does not take place but mazi has come out due to any other reason, then whether we need bath (ghusl) or not?

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