The Rights of Western Muslims upon Us

His Eminence Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, the Vice-President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (“IUMS”) and the President of the Arab Islamic Dialogue Committee, stressed the need to introduce convincing values, especially to the Muslim youth in Europe. Such values would permanently deter them from committing the follies of terrorism or crime, and invite them to present the values of Islam and tolerance to Europeans.

Sheikh Bin Bayyah called on concerned bodies in the West to grant Muslim communities their rights, particularly their cultural rights, provided such characteristics do not contradict with the European Community’s basic principles.  He also called on Westerners to reconsider the relationship with the Muslim world to found a more auspicious coexistence for all, on the basis of common values of morality, intelligence and generosity.

The Vice-President of the IUMS said: “The world’s charity institutions have become a positive partner committed to support the projects of overall human development. They contribute to the advancement of Muslim societies by strengthening their public facilities, developing their physical, technical, and productive institutions as well as through the scholarships, educational institutions, training centers and the provision of relief assistance in emergencies or disasters. These charity institutions have been able to open up wider prospects for the global charity work in Asia and Africa, and have extended bridges of cooperation and assistance with all Islamic peoples.”